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Caer Bren Puppy Questionnaire

Please copy, paste and answer the following questions into an email, pdf or word document. and email it to us at

Have you had a dog in the past?

When and how old was the dog when it died?

How long will the dog/puppy be alone during the day?

My puppies are given homeopathic parvo and distemper before they leave and are not allowed to have multiple
vaccinations (as I understand there is evidence that they damage the immune system), just one parvo and one
distemper as well as the rabies. Would this be a problem for you?

Have you heard of the Barf raw diet?

Would you have a problem feeding a raw diet?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Where will the dog be walked or exercised?

Where will the dog be during the day?

Where will the dog sleep at night?

Do you have any children and, if yes, what are their ages?

What town and state do you live in?

What is your contact information?


Phone Number:

Email Address:

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